la tomatina 2018

When is La Tomatina 2018

This tomato holy is celebrated every year by thousands of people on the main street of a small town Bunol, Spain. Even though this festival holds a very great place in the history; but it is celebrated annually just for fun and to re-create all the scenes happened on the same day back in 1945. And the celebration will never stoop get ready for la Tomatina 2018.

This festival started off as a giant tomato battle and ended up in being the world most fun festival. Everyone who attends the La Tomatina wishes to go back to Bunol again and have the best time with their loved ones; with no rules!

There are some rules regarding the safety purposes of the people, and everyone should follow and take care of them as they all are for your good.

Some Safety Rules for La Tomatina 2018 that everyone must follow:

Talking about the rules and regulations of the biggest annual tomato fight; here are some rules that every participant in the La Tomatina must follow; so no one gets hurt, and the fun festival remains fun.

  1. Squash the tomatoes before throwing them at anyone; as the over ripe tomatoes may cause some injury.
  2. Do not wear anything sharp or hard; you never know when you can hurt someone.
  3. Wear goggles; so the acid from the tomatoes do not enter your eyes.
  4. Tuck the bottom half of your shirt inside your jeans; so you can use that clean half part of your shirt to wipe out your face after the fight.
  5. Make way for trucks and don’t come close near the trucks; you might end up getting injured.
  6. Wear rubber slippers; as the acid and the peels of the tomatoes make the floor slippery; causing people to fall.
  7. Do not push any one.
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Here were the simple seven safety rules that are announced before the Tomatina tomato fight; so that everyone can follow and obey them and not get injured.


 La Tomatina Dates

Wondering when the next La Tomatina fight will be?

Let me tell you; La Tomatina is the only festival that does not follow a proper date; instead, this tomato squashing fight follows the day of celebration every year.

The grand tomato day is always the last Wednesday of the month August. Every year, people start booking their flights and tickets for August; to attend the famous La Tomatina 2018.


Here are the La Tomatino dates you need to know:

2016- 31st August

2017- 30th August

2018 – 29th August.


The bookings and the packages by some travel agencies are open if you want to book your slot for the world famous La Tomatina festival next year.

If you book now, you might be able to get the Bunol accommodation and the cheapest tickets.