what is la tomatina

What is La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a famous festival which is celebrated in Bunol, a small town near Valencia in the East of Spain. Thousands of people from all around the globe come to Spain, just to enjoy the one hour Tomatina tomato fight.  No one knew that a small incident would be a historical event. And people will celebrate it every year with total enthusiasm.

What is La Tomatina?

People of Spain celebrate the whole event to remember an accident which is quite funny itself. Let’s see what all the fuss of the tomato throwing festival all about.

A celebration of Tomato Festival (La Tomatina) :

Why is La Tomatina celebrated? Here is a little historical story about the famous Tomatina tomato fight.

It all started when the giants and big-heads came out for their parade in Bunol. Some active teenagers decide to join their parade, and they did. But the tomato battle started when one of the teenager’s accidentally pushed one big-head. He fell down the narrow road where all the vegetable stalls were and landed over to them. As angry as he was, he starts to pick up those tomatoes and throwing at everyone else in the parade. Less than 2 minutes, everyone was throwing tomatoes at everyone. And also, it ended up being a giant tomato fight. We know that fight as the world’s most famous La Tomatina (Tomatina tomato fight).

The very next year, people of Spain decided to re-create the battle scene. The only difference this time was they did it for fun. Now, it’s been 70 years (yes, seven decades!).  And people from all around the world gather just to enjoy the tomato throwing festival in Spain. This is what La Tomatina is and why people celebrate it every year.

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Spain Tomato Festival 2017

Like every year, the preparations of Valencia tomato festival are at its peak.  People from all around the world are searching for the best Tomatina tickets and packages. Many travel companies are now offering packages for the Spain tomato festival 2017. Because la Tomatina is the most notable festival. And also a highlight of Spain summer, many people try to fly to Bunol, Spain. As a result of so many people going there, it’s a rule that only 20,000 people can go and enjoy tomato throwing festival in Spain.


The ratio is still the same this year. So if you are planning to go, be quick and get ready to enjoy the Spain tomato festival 2017.

Tomatina Festival Date 2017

People of Spain and world celebrate the La Tomatina festival on the same day that is on the last Wednesday of August as the event in 1945.

The tomato festival is as fun as it sounds. If you have never been there before, make sure to book your Tomatina tickets with your family and friends. And enjoy the world’s most fun Valencia tomato festival. The Tomatina 2017 tickets and packages are available at different travel sites now that it’s August(the month of tomato throwing festival in Spain).