When is La Tomatina

When is La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a festival that people of Bunol, Spain celebrate every year. Although there is no religious significance to the festival of La Tomatina, the people of Spain celebrate it every year in the memory of a historical event. The event was more of an accident that ended up in a giant tomato throwing battle. But now, it is famous as the memory and for enjoyment. La Tomatina is famous by world’s most fun festival.

When is La Tomatina!? People of Spain and the world are celebrating the Tomatina tomato fight every year for the past 70 years (as the event took place at 1945) on the same day. It is always the last Wednesday of the month August when La Tomatina is.


The Tomato fight Spain 2017:

Following the traditions, the tomato throwing festival (La Tomatina) will be celebrated this year too. La Tomatina has always been celebrated on the last Wednesday of August. As for this year, the tomato fight in Spain will be on Wednesday will fall on the 30th of August 2017 at the famous street of Bunol.


La Tomatina Rules:

There are certain rules which people strictly obey who are celebrating the tomato Spain festival.  These rules are from years ago, and all are still the same. Some of the rules of Tomatina de Bunol festival are as follows:

  1. You cannot bring sharp objects to the Tomatina festival.
  2. You cannot throw a single tomato after 1 hour of the tomato throwing festival.
  3. Bring a waterproof camera with you if you are going to take pictures (which everyone will take).
  4.  The main one is Squash the tomatoes before throwing at the La Tomatina festival Spain, so no one gets hurt.
  5. Also, give the truck’s space.
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These are some of the main rules and regulations of the tomato fight (La Tomatina) festival. These rules are both for the people of Bunol and the tourists which everyone must follow while at the La Tomatina festival.


When is La Tomatina 2017?

The La Tomatina is such a big and joyous festival that people start counting days from July. Even though, the festival’s celebration is in the month of August every single year. The historic event that is the cause of the world’s biggest tomato fight took place on the last Wednesday of August 1945. Up till now, the people celebrate La Tomatina in Spain on the last Wednesday of every August. Just to re-create the event and enjoy the one-hour of squashing and throwing tomatoes on the streets of Bunol.

So, this August the tomato fight Spain 2017 will be on the 30th of this month.


If you want to be a part of the famous festival in Spain, then there is no time to lose. Search out for the best tour package which many companies have started offering. Pack your bags, take your La Tomatina tickets 2017 and get ready to enjoy this year’s tomato fight Spain 2017.Now that you know when is La Tomatina, mark your calendars for la Tomatina festival 2017 that will be on 30th August.