where is la tomatina

Where is La Tomatina

La Tomatina, one of the world’s famous festival as everyone is aware of. Even though it is celebrated in Bunol, but people from all around the world fly to Spain to enjoy the most fun festival or the year. The people of Spain get so excited before a week of the tomato battle that they plan different small events.  Like the cooking contest, small dance shows till finally, they get to celebrate the famous la Tomatina buñol Spain.

The question is, where is la Tomatina, the most fun festival of the world? The tomato throwing festival is in Bunol, a small town near Valencia, Spain.

La Tomatina de Bunol

Bunol is a small village near Valencia in Spain. It is a very small town of a total population of 9,000.

In the tomato festival, people from all around the globe fly over to Bunol to attend the tomato throwing festival. Due to the festival, the population of Bunol increases from 9,000 to 20,000 which is a lot for the town as it is quite small.

For the people of Bunol, attending the La Tomatina festival is very simple. But, for the tourists, the scenario is different. The tourists have to find a nice hotel to live in which is a task in itself.

As Bunol has only one small hotel ‘Hotel Condes de Bunol’ the accommodation of the hotel is still not that good. Many tourists who have booked early get a room in Bunol, while other people have to find a hotel outside of the town in Valencia to stay.

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Now that you know where is La Tomatina, you can start searching for the

The easiest way for you to go there is to plan your trip with a traveling company. As traveling companies book your hotel and ride on their own. And you will not have to worry about anything else rather than enjoying the festival Tomatina.

La Tomatina in Other Countries

The original tomato battle happens only in Bunol, Spain. The festival is famous for a historical event which also happened at the streets of Bunol. The tomato throwing fight which happens at other countries are just for fun and nothing else.

There are some countries that re-create the tomato festival(La Tomatina). Like in Costa Rica, Reno, Funtasia Island, and some others celebrate throwing tomatoes. But La Tomatina Buñol Spain is the main festival because of the historic event.



Tomatina Valencia 2017

Like every year, this coming August the tomato festival (La Tomatina) will be on the 30th, which is the last Wednesday of August.

People are probably getting more and more worked up as the days are passing and I am sure no one wants to miss the one-hour tomato throwing fight. La Tomatina is a one-hour fight, which means no one can throw a single tomato after the second siren. All the rules including this one are same this year too.