why is la tomatina celebrated

Why is La Tomatina Celebrated

La Tomatina is known as the ‘world’s biggest food fight, ’ and I am sure everyone has heard of it but let me elaborate. La Tomatina is a tomato fight or tomato festival Spain that happens in Bunol, Spain every year on the last Wednesday in August. The Tomatina festival became so popular that hundreds of people fly to Spain with their friends and family just to attend the magnificent event. A question that stands: Why is la Tomatina celebrated? We have an answer below.



The question is, why do people celebrate la Tomatina and go all crazy about it. So, there is a little history behind the huge celebration of la Tomatina which takes us back in 1945.


(Yes, almost seven decades ago) When a group of friends wanted to join the parade of big heads and musicians. One of the youngsters pushed one of the giants who made him fall directly on a stall full of vegetables. In revenge, all of the people in the parade started picking up those tomatoes and throwing them on one another. The fight ended when the police had to come and make the crowd stop.


The next year, some people decided to bring tomatoes from their homes and repeat what happened last year on the same exact date. The only difference was, they did the tomato fight for fun.



People celebrate la Tomatina every year on the same exact date in the memory of the event happened in 1945. People celebrate the Tomatina festival on the last Wednesday of August every year. Many people start getting ready for the festival as August starts as it is the biggest food fight of the world.



They are not only the people of Spain or Bunol who celebrate the la Tomatina festival, but people all over the world gets super excited as August starts. Many people book their tickets and fly all across just to enjoy la Tomatina.



Are you wondering how people celebrate la Tomatina? Let me disclose. You probably have seen the pictures till now of the famous festival la Tomatina. So, the event starts at 11 am when many trucks full of tomatoes from Extremadura (because tomatoes there are less expensive) reaches the center of the town, Plaza de Pueblo. People enjoy the battle by throwing tomatoes at each other until the fight ends which usually is an hour long. After the festival ends, no one is allowed to throw a single tomato. Fire trucks then hose the streets down and clean up all the tomato pulp. Some people also take advantage of the hose to wash themselves off, and some go to the ‘los penones’ pool to clean themselves.


The floor gets squeaky clean after because of the acidity of tomatoes. And this is how people celebrate the world’s most famous la Tomatina festival every year.


August is almost here, and people are getting excited and ready to fly all the way to Spain. All of the people will surely celebrate la Tomatina with the same energy and merriment this Tomatina 2017 too.

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